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About the Fund

The Royal Canadian Legion Troop Morale Fund is an initiative of the Legion to buy each of our troops posted to Afghanistan a Tim Hortons coffee and a doughnut at least every two weeks. It will continue to collect funds for this purpose until the mission ends. The Legion is working with the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency (CFPSA) which operates the Tim Hortons outlet in Afghanistan.

Since the fund started it has maintained its goal. All funds donated are used only to purchase the needed certificates. No funds donated are used in any way to pay the extra costs incurred in preparing the certificates for shipment to Afghanistan. All certificates are stamped by volunteers before they are sent with the words "This certificate courtesy of the Royal Canadian Legion and its supporters in Canada".

Legion Dominion President Jack Frost sees the fund establishment as another way of helping the troops deployed in that location. “We help fund an annual show tour to that location and we are involved in Operation Santa Claus which ensures that they all get an annual Christmas present from the Legion. This effort will further show that we and many more Canadians care about their service and their sacrifices,” he says. “It’s a little gift but it means a lot, and it carries on our tradition of assistance to service people that we established in World War Two,” he concludes. At that time the Legion was heavily involved in providing troops with morale boosting materials and educational upgrades.

The Tim Hortons franchise in Kandahar belongs to the Canadian Forces and was given to them free of charge by the Tim Horton's Group. The franchise in Kandahar only pays Tim Hortons for the material it uses to operate the shop and not the royalty fees that are paid by owners back in Canada. Tim Hortons makes very, very little profit on the wholesaling of material to this particular franchise. In addition, Tim Hortons supplies all deployed troops, wherever they may be, with a can of coffee at Christmas time through Operation Santa Claus. In short, while Tim Hortons may possibly make some very small profit from the enterprise in Afghanistan, it provides a taste of home for our deployed troops there and the profits realized by that one store provide the deployed troops there with other much needed material and resources.

News Articles

Legion Magazine - July 2007

How You Can Help

Stop in the Branch any time and leave your donation with the Bar Steward. Donations of any size is appreciated.

Thank You Letters

Letter from BGen Jonathan Vance who is the Commander of the Canadian Task Force in Afghanistan CLICK HERE

Write To The Troops

Take a moment and send a message to the troops currently serving our country. Whether you approve of Canada's involvment in the world's conflict, they still need our support. A few kind words can go along way to boosting their morale. CLICK HERE