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Youth Education

Poster & Literary Competition

The Poster and Literary contest, part of the Legion's Youth and Education Program, is meant to foster an understanding of the sacrifices made on our behalf by many young men and women in World Wars I and II, as well as those currently serving who put their personal security at risk in the name of peace and humanity in places like Bosnia, Cypress, Haiti, East Timor and Afghanistan. Contests are held each year just prior to Remembrance Day by local Legion Branches throughout Ontario Command. There are five levels of competition: Branch, Zone, District, Provincial and Dominion. There are three age categories: Senior (grades 10,11 and 12), Intermediate (grades 7,8 and 9) and Junior (grades 4,5 and 6).
Poster competition includes two categories: black & white and colour. Literary competition includes poem or essay. The subject matter in both Poster and Literary contests is Remembrance and the entry should inspire or reflect upon Remembrance with a Canadian theme. Schools in our area are given information packages and entry forms in late September. Any child wishing to compete may also contact their local Legion. Home schooled children are also eligible. There are cash prizes for winners at every level.

Public Speaking Competition

The Public Speaking contest is meant to give young people the opportunity to speak in public. In too many schools, this is no longer part of the curriculum. The Legion feels that showcasing oral communication skills is an experience that builds both confidence and self esteem. The competition takes place in February. Schools are given information packages and entry forms in early January. The individual chooses their own subject matter for the speech. Age categories are as follows: Primary (grades 1,2 and 3), Junior (grades 4,5 and 6), Intermediate (grades 7,8 and 9) and Senior (grades 10, 11 and 12). The contest progresses through Branch, Zone, District and Area levels, concluding at the Provincial level in May of each year. There are cash prizes for winners at every level.

Track & Field

The Track & Field program of Ontario Command is unique in that it is the only program of its kind in the province that offers both a summer and winter meet to girls and boys 17 years of age and under. Athletes can compete at two other levels (Zone and District) and those that qualify at these levels can progress to the Provincial level. Those that qualify at this level can advance to the National level. Contact your local Legion for information on upcoming meets.

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