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The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 229 will receive funding of up to $25,000, Wellington Halton Hills MP Michael Chong announced Monday on behalf of the Minister of Veterans Affairs, Greg Thompson.

The contribution with matching funds provided through Veterans Affairs Canada's Cenotaph and Monument Restoration Program, will be used to help restore and conserve the Elora cenotaph.

"As we enjoy the freedom that our veterans fought for, we must never forget the sacrifices that they made," said Thompson. "Supporting these memorials is one way ... Canada ... is ensuring that our veterans are remembered in communities across the country."

The Elora Cenotaph honours community members who served during the First and Second World Wars.

The funds will be used to repair the monument's foundation, replace damaged granite and to perform an overall cleaning.

"The people of Elora wanted to honour those who served their country bu building this cenotaph.", said Chong. "Thanks to the support of our government, the community is able to continue that honour through this restoration."

The heavy stone monument was removed by Fergus Memorials on Tuesday morning.

To the surprise of even some Legion members, the monument was in three pieces, and was not secured with anything. One stone simple sat on top of another. The longer centre piece was estimated to weigh over five tons.

Joanne Penney, of Fergus Monuments, promised the memorial would be back in time for November 11 and Remembrance Day ceremonies.

The cenotaph and monument restoration program helps communities across Canada to preserve the memory of those who have served.

Through partnerships with community groups and local organizations, the cenotaphs and monuments honouring Veterans, war dead and significant events, are maintained with the standard of care and dignity that they deserve.

There are also requests for funds for the Fergus and Belwood cenotaphs.

Taken from The WellingtonĀ Advertiser

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